The Official Site of Put-Pocketing

What is Put-Pocketing?

What is put-pocketing? It is the art of giving gifts secretly, a way to spread useless information, and a good use of your spare time. Put-pocketing is the opposite of pick-pocketing, instead of taking from the vicitim you leave them a "goodie". This is done randomly to whoever leaves oneself open for such activities.

I started put-pocketing around 1992, at the time I thought I was the only put-pocketer. I was working at a health food store and could easily slip things into unsuspecting customers bags. My specialty was leaving stylishly clad clay figures with a phobia written on the back. Later I saw another example of put-pocketing in the John Waters film, Pecker. In the film, two young men sneak items into shopper's carts causing chaos at checkout time.

This site is intended to promote put-pocketing awareness. For those who have already developed the habit, please share your stories in the guest book.

How to Put-Pocket
Personally, I'm a very shy put-pocketer. My methods involve putting a gift into someone's unattended coat or purse, at a concert, restaurant, church, etc. If anyone out there is a pick pocketer looking to change their ways, your advice would be appreciated.

As for what should be put-pocketed, that is up to you. I like little non sensical gifts or mysterious notes. Sometimes it's nice to put-pocket a common item. I even had a friend who liked to put-pocket money. Just give someone an extra dollar or two. Another nice gift is a photo of an anonymous person or thing, perhaps even a favorite pet. A lotto ticket might be a pleasant surprise.

Leaving unfriendly items may cause trouble. Goodluck and give them something good!

Is the police officer arresting this man? Or has he found a clever way of put-pocketing.